Franklin-Southampton Area Chamber of Commerce

108 West Third Avenue Franklin, VA 23851 

Phone: (757) 562-4900   Email


Welcome to the Franklin-Southampton County area of Southeastern Virginia. Whether you are visiting or settling here, we invite you to slow down, explore and enjoy this picturesque rural landscape of magnolia trees, peanut and cotton fields, and natural abundance and beauty.

Here you will find well-preserved, antebellum homes and contemporary ones sharing the same shade-drenched streets. Neighborhoods that are as safe as they were 50 years ago. People greeting you by your first name. Plenty of delicious home-made jams and jellies, but not a traffic jam in sight. Quality schools and hospital. A world-class YMCA. Churches, civic groups, athletic teams, hunt clubs and art leagues. Wide open spaces, lush, dense forests, and numerous waterways – an outdoorsman’s paradise.

And when you’re ready for a change of pace, the beaches, opera houses, ballets, museums and major sports complexes of Hampton Roads are just an hour’s drive away. And you’re less than 100 miles from Richmond, the state capital, and only two hours from North Carolina’s beautiful Outer Banks. It’s a place where life can be as leisurely as you like, as full of recreation as you care to engage in, and as rewarding as anywhere on Earth.

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